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Update 2.0 is live!

With the update 2.0, the Team of Getmanhwa has added a lot of new stuff and have worked on the speed and optimization of the website. You can now save your history, read from where you left, make an account and follow a specific comic. The ever demanded dark mood is available too!

A list of fill changes is the following:


  • Improved home screen for Desktop, mobiles and Ipad Pro.
  • Improved home overall experience for Desktop, mobiles and Ipad Pro.
  • Image slider on the home page is removed and that is where the new announcements will be shown.
  • Recent episodes styling is now changed to a better and sleek tab look to decrease the scrolling.
  • The ongoing page is removed and instead of that each manhwa / manhua / manga / comic will showcase it’s respective designated official release day / status next to its tile.
  • You can now jump to the latest chapter from the home page using either the “recent episodes tab” or the link in front of the tile.
  • Now when you load more, the page won’t refresh, increasing the speed and user experience.
  • A new and advanced search bar is added.
  • “Get in touch” page replaced the “request and report us” page and now offers a much easier way to submit your query.

New Features:

  • Sign-up / Sign-in is now added.
  • Users can set up their profile and change the setting for themselves from their dashboard.
  • Dark mode for comic reading is added.
  • Follow button is added, and you can follow a comic / manhwa / manhua / manga at any time and notifications will be sent to you when an update arrives.
  • The site now saves reading history and you can easily pick up from where you left.
  • At any given moment, you can now change the reading view of a specific comic while reading the comic.
  • Sticky navigation tools are added.
  • For guest users, a consent pop-up is added when reading a 18+ comic.

Comics’ Update Schedule:

  • Manhwas that are released on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday by to*mics will be updated on the same days as official site.
  • Manhwas that are released on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday by to*mics will be updated on either Saturday or Sunday.
  • Manhwa released by Lez*in and top*oons will be updated on the very same day as an official site.
  • Mangas will be updated on the very day they are released.

We hope that you will continue sticking with us and make Getmanhwa the greatest website for reading Manhwa, manhua, manga and comics.

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Can u put again “her toy shop” i love it


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